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Gastronomic Display and Day of the Orange - Tapa’s Route

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Gastronomic Display and Day of the Orange - Tapa’s Route

Cartel XV Muestra GastronómicaTraditional recipes, orange juice and the best culinary savoir-faire of bars and restaurants at Istan will meet again next Saturday 26th of March for the Gastronomic Festival and Tapa’s Route.

This Festival, that now arrives to its 17th edition, prides itself on honouring and promoting, on a yearly basis, traditional Istán recipes in a cheerful atmosphere with folk dances, music from verdiales (a typical folk music unic to the province of Malaga) bands and the Pachanga performance. The latter is too a sample of local colour, of a cultural and festive nature, singing catchy songs.

Panda de verdialesThe origins of the Route date back to the early 90s. It was first hold in 1995, when the Centro de Adultos of Istán started the strenous task of retreiving old and traditional recipes. Those were the beginnings of the yearly Gastronomic Festival, first addressed to the school children and nowadays a tourist call for whoever wishes to visit Istán and get to know its Festivities, its people and its gastronomy.

Degustación de zumo de naranjaThe Town Council and a number of bars and restaurants will offer free tasting of typical dishes and orange juice during the Festival. Bars, restaurants, associations and students of the Centro de Adultos will participate in the cooking.

Thus, the Gastronomic Festival has become a promotional tool for our tourist industry by making restaurant and hotel services known. The promotion of bars and restaurants will be based on the free tasting of dishes and their participation in the V Tapa’s Route.

Degustación de platos típicosSome of the bars and restaurants offering tapa & drink at a special price we can mention: Bar El Calvario, Bar La Parada, Restaurante Entresierras, Cafetería Vista Verde, Bar Los Rojillos, Restaurante El Barón, Bar-Restaurante Los Troyanos and Bar La Esquina. The price for a tapa and a drink (soft drink or beer or wine) will be of only € 1.50 at those eight establishments from 12:30 to 18:00 h. A poster at the entrance of those establishments will make easier to identify them.

CharangaA passport will be available at all eight bars and restaurants for whoever wishes to complete the route. Users will have their passport stamped in each bar or restaurant as they make they order their tapa. Once the route is finished –therefore the passport complete with all eight stamps, a t-shirt with the route’s emblem will be given to the participants, who will also enter a prize-raffle starting at 18:30.

Prizes will consits on gifts, meals, weekend boarding, etc. Prizes are offered by the very establishments participating in this, the V Edition of the Tapa’s Route and by the Town Council of Istán.

Arroz con lecheThis festival has become one of the most important of the year, alongside El Paso (designated Singular Festivity for its historical roots both by the Junta de Andalucía and by the Province Council).

Visitors and tourists willing will step back in time by knowing the local gastronomy, the recipes cooking and the idiosyncrasy of Istán with its whitewashed narrow.

Panda de verdialesSCHEDULE

  • 12:30. Starts the Tapa’s Route at the participating establishments.
  • 13:00. The Verdiales bands perform in the streets.
  • 14:30. Free tasting of typical dishes and orange juice.
  • 16:00. Performance of the Charanga.
  • 18:30. Prize raffle for those who have completed the route.


  • Bar El Calvario: Sausages in sauce, Avocado salad and home made croquettes
  • Bar La Parada: Potato salad, Meatballs in Almond sauce and rack of ribs
  • Restaurante Entresierras: Russian salad, Onion/Chicken pasties and home made meatballs in sauce
  • Cafetería Vista Verde: Rocambole, portions of Pizza and mini tarts
  • Bar Los Rojillos: Spicy Potatoes, Tripe and egg with bacon
  • Restaurante El Barón: Chicken salad, salmorejo and deer ragout
  • Bar-Restuarante Troyano: Chicken pio pio, Roasted peppers stuffed with potato omelet and spicy sausage and roasted potatoes with Bobwhite eggs
  • Bar La Esquina: Meat pasties, Criole sausages and stuffed eggs

Ensaladilla de patatas con bacalaoDISHES

  • First course: Berza-Cabbage (Bar Restaurante Troyano y Restaurante Entresierras).
  • Second course: Meat in tomato (Restaurante El Barón, Bar El Calvario y Bar La Esquina). Potato salad with tuna (Bar los Rojillos, Cafetería Vista Verde y Bar La Parada).
  • Orange juice will be served too.
  • Desserts: Sweet potato and fried bread with honey covered gachuelas (Adult Centre and Students from the Employment Workshop).