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Ayuntamiento de Istán
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Ayuntamiento de Istán


Participatory Budgeting 2019

Participatory Budgeting are a form of democratic citizen participation in the management of the town of Istán, through which its inhabitants can decide directly on what to use a part of the municipal public budget.

By means of this form, citizens can present their proposals for Participatory Budgeting, as long as they comply with the following requirements:

  • The participants will do so in a personal capacity, or on behalf of one of the local collectives/associations.
  • It is not an essential requirement to be registered in Istán in order to make proposals. Any resident who detects aspects that could be improved and/or the needs of the village may make as many proposals as he or she deems appropriate, provided that they comply with the established admission requirements.
  • Any inhabitant of Istán will be able to present proposals independently of his age, it is not necessary the majority of age for the presentation of the proposals.
  • It is an indispensable requirement that the proposals presented are identified with the name of the person making them, in case they are not identified, the proposal will be rejected. It is necessary to fill in all the fields of the form.
  • The ideas must have as object proposals of investment and/or activities for Istan.
  •  The proposal will seek the good of the whole locality or a broad group and will not pursue particular interests.
  • The proposal must be the competence of the Town Council. The TownCouncil of Istán can carry out a series of actions, but others depend on other administrations.
  • The proposals will comply with current legislation and will not threaten the common good and will not contain defamatory or discriminatory content.
  •  The investment proposal that affects a closed space, must be implemented in spaces of the town of Istán. The use and enjoyment of this investment will be for citizens without the payment of a fee or entrance fee, at least part of their opening hours and/or in the development of activities.
  • The estimated cost of the proposed idea must be within the maximum budget limit of €40,000 (VAT included) established in this call.
  •  They must be ideas that have not been developed and do not coincide with municipal actions that are already planned or in an initial phase of development.
  • The proposed ideas must be technically feasible and not foresee any impediment to carry them out, at the standards of the Motor Group.
  • The winning proposal or proposals will be made in the budget year corresponding to the year following its approval.

For more information, doubts and clarifications, we are at your disposal at