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FootPath 10 P.R.-A 280 Istán - Charco del Canalón

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

FootPath 10 P.R.-A 280 Istán - Charco del Canalón

  • Perfil Ruta Istán - Charco del CanalónLength: 7.200 metres
  • Route: linear
  • Approximate duration: 1 hour 30 minutes one way
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Maximum incline: 334m
  • Departure point: Plaza del Cha (Cha Square)
  • Season: Any
  • Cartography: National Topographical Map of Spain. Page 1065 II – Istán. Page 1065 IV - Marbella. Scale 1:25.000
  • Recomendations: Camera. Swimming costume depending on season.
  • Route Map.
  • Track GPS.


Valle de Río MolinosThis route will take us to one of the most spectacular corners of the valley of Río Verde: the Charco del Canalón. To get there we will begin our route at the Plaza del Cha (30S-0325645/UTM-4050286). From there we go South East through a wooded area for some 500 meters through orchards to the Rio Molinos crossing (30S-0326016/UTM-40500183). We can get across using the cement pedestrian bridge and continue 600 meters on the same path going North crossing the stream. To the left we will leave behind the PR:A-166 Istán-Herrizas through the la Gallega trail (30S-0325966/UTM-4050618). During the first kilometre of this walk we can see how oranges and avocados abound in the orchards.

Once we are over the stream, we go for another 500 meters and on a right hand hairpin curve we can see on the left the PR:A-166 trail mentioned before because for the last few meters we have been on the same trail.

A little further on we cross the stream known as Arroyo Luis (30S-326159/UTM-4051064) and some 100 meters along we arrive at Herrizas de la Gallega, a sort of natural view point where we can contemplate an impressive sight of Río Verde.

Río Verde - Las VegasAfter this view, we continue down the trail and go through avocado orchards, a slight slope takes up upwards towards the exit some 2.500 meters away. Here we have to be attentive as our path leaves the forest trail and on the left we follow the path (30S-0326314/UTM-4051460). We follow this path crossing two small streams and later a slightly larger one: Arroyo Castaño. A little further on we will find a forest trail that goes through the Puerto de la Cornicabra (30S-326323/UTM-4052030). We will follow this trail for a little while, and it will take us to another that we will follow to the left and a couple of hundred meters later we descend to the Río Verde. If we would like to return to the village at this point we must take the right hand fork.

Once we are at the river, and immediately after we have crossed the Arroyo Bornoque (30S-326749/UTM-4052413) and there is a path on the right that we must take. If you would like to see Rio Verde, once you have crossed the stream go straight some 15 meters and you will see the river. Be very careful of the water level if you want to cross it.

Río Verde - Charco del CanalónTo continue with our route, we will find a very easy fence to cross a few meters on the left where the path goes up again to a pathway. After some 20 meters we follow the path and then 1.200 meters later we cross the Arroyo Almedinilla and a little while after we arrive at La Palomera (30S-326708/UTM-4053228) where we will find a couple of country inns on the left. On the right we can see the lovely outskirts of Monte Bornoque.

We follow the path some 400 meters and find a T-junction on the right: the Carril de las Arcas. We continue straight and a few minutes later we descend to Río Verde (30S-326673/UTM-4053825).

Río Verde - El CanalónThere are two ways to cross the river: using the suspended bridge if it is in good working order or going straight across the river using the stepping stones. In order to do this we must take into account the level of water in the river and stop the walk if the level is too high to cross.

Should we be able to get across, we follow the path some 10 meters and at the first curve on the right there is a trail that within a few meters and further downstream will take us to our destination: the Charco del Canalón.