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Natural Istán

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Natural Istán

AlfaguaraThe Town of Istán must have been founded under the influence of the water sign.  Water which pours out of the numerous fountains of the town.  Water from the Sierra springs.  Water from the Río Verde which is born and dies here, in the reservoir that supplies the Costa del Sol, immersed in an almost theatrically mountainous landscape.

The Lake down there

Istán in the middle and the Sierra Blanca up there, with its highest peak, “La Concha”.

The Torrecilla, Monte Albornoque, forming part of the “Biosphere Reserve”.

The Sierra de las Nieves – mountain range of snow, Gall Oaks and Spanish Fir, indigenous of this land, a luxury of the botany of our surroundings.

Cabra montésThe Spanish Ibex, Roe Deer, Golden Eagle or the Fox... is a census of our fauna.

As a natural framework, the lands of Istán are within the basin of the Río Verde, extending from the Bornoque Meadows where a great mass of cork oaks combined with gall oaks and some Spanish fir trees imbue this spot with a beautiful landscape and much ecological interest, until it leads into the Río Verde Reservoir.

Of the flora we would mention the junipers, carobs and pines, as well as a large number of fruit trees such as orange, lemon and avocado trees.  The avifauna is also abundant.  Flying over the mountains we can see the golden eagle and Bonelli’s eagle.  In the forest there are sparrow hawks, jays, golden orioles, etc.  And in the lower parts of the mountain we find jackdaws and blackbirds, amongst other bird species.

Due to its location, Istán formed part of the communication channel between the Coast and the mountain ranges of Ronda.  From here arises its importance and the necessity which compelled the Environment Department of the Town Council to reopen some of the historic paths which formed part of everyday life back in the forties, before even forest trails existed.  These paths link us to different villages in the surrounding area as well as key areas for the economic and social development of Istán.