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Home Help Service

Ayuntamiento de Istán
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Ayuntamiento de Istán

Home Help Service

Community Social Services improve the welfare of the elderly, the ill or the disabled and their families at home, helping to carry out everyday tasks, encouraging coexistence and participation in society, and helping with the functions that are carried out naturally and normally by both the person him/her self as well as those around him/her (family, neighbours) to avoid possible loss of autonomy (ability to look after themselves), loneliness or isolation.

Through qualified and supervised personnel, people and/or families are provided with temporary or permanent care and support in their home environment which include, amongst other services:

a) Home help:  Tidying and cleaning of the home, shopping, preparation and organisation of meals, help with following special diets; washing, ironing and ordering of clothes...

b) Personal help:  Help in getting up and with going to bed; with ablutions and personal hygiene, getting dressed, help with eating, supervision of medication, getting around the home, etc.

c) Company and/or support with social activities and relations.

d) Conversation, reading or any activities that require leaving the home: going for walks, visiting the doctor, etc.

e) Educational help: Economic administration of the home, organisation of timetables and family hygiene.