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Social Services

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Social Services


Information, Evaluation, Guidance and Advice are the main functions of the Community Social Services.

Because everyone must have equal social opportunities, the first objective of the Community Social Services is to inform, i.e., to make all citizens aware of the rights they have and the resources, means and alternatives they may resort to in a situation of personal, family or community necessity, as well as the quickest and easiest way to access these resources.

Each case of need is studied and independently evaluated to know its nature, its characteristics, gravity, urgency and possible solutions.  Once the case has been analysed and studied, guidance and advice is offered with regard to making use of the appropriate services and benefits.

The Community Social Services are available every Monday in the outbuildings of the Seniors Citizens Day Center (C/ San Miguel, 2 - Second Floor) of the Town Hall of Istán, between the hours of 09,00 and 14,00 hours.

Telephone appointment: 952 06 98 10

Telephone: 952 88 19 47

FAX: 952 88 16 93