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The Chorro Fountain and Washing Point

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

The Chorro Fountain and Washing Point


Fuente y Lavadero El ChorroThe Chorro irrigation ditch flowed through the centre of the town, uncovered in some stretches called “Charcones” (puddles) as they formed small puddles from which the water channeled into the different ditches.  Throughout its flow, and in certain town streets, little hollows opened up which the townspeople would throw their water into.

Given that the houses did not have running water the women had to do their washing in some of these points, especially at El Chorro, although a considerable number of people preferred to wash at the shores of the Río Molinos.  Water for domestic use was brought from El Chorro or from other fountains from outside, which then presented the inconvenience of having to walk up the steep hill with their pitchers full.


Fuente y Lavadero El ChorroThis fountain and washing point, the most emblematic of the town, is located at the start of Calle Chorro and can be reached through all access routes to the town centre.

Through waterfalls, and by means of an irrigation ditch, water which originates somewhat further up falls here, forming the famous washing spot (“chorro”).  Even today many townswomen wash their clothes in the waterfalls as in years gone in the happy and ebullient surrounding sound of water.  In the fountain the hollows that the rub of full pitchers has left in the limestone are preserved.

The illumination at night makes it, if possible, an even more fascinating place.

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