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Municipal Corporation

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Municipal Corporation

The Plenum of the Town Council of Istán consists of nine members.

Under current legislation (2019-2023) there are three political groups represented:  IULV-CA, PSOE and POR MI PUEBLO. The government team is formed by IULV-CA.

IULV-CA councilors:

Mr. José Miguel Marín Marín: Mayor-President, Culture and Education, Festivities, Comunications and Tourism, Urbanisations.

Mr. Pedro Miguel Ortega González: 1st Deputy Mayor, Sports, Personnel, Inland Revenue, Environment.

Mr. Francisco Miguel Vera Rivero: 2nd Deputy Mayor, Infrastructure and Town Planning, Hygiene and Health

Mr. Juan García Marín: 3rd Deputy Mayor, Civil Protection, Citizen's Safety, Agriculture and Gardens, Fleet.

Ms. Barbara Milagros Santos Morales: Woman and Equality, Social Welfare and Citizen’s Participation, Youth.

PSOE councilors: 

 Mr. Diego Marín Ayllón

 Ms. Ana Beatriz Macías Sánchez

 Mr. Fernando Jesús Moreno Díaz


POR MI PUEBLO councilors:

 Ms. Mónica Márquez Lara