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Footpath 3 P.R.-A 137 Istán - Camino de la Cuesta (Hill Path) - Istán

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Footpath 3 P.R.-A 137 Istán - Camino de la Cuesta (Hill Path) - Istán

  • mapa_senderosLength:  4200m.
  • Route:  circular
  • Approximate duration:  1 hour 45 minutes
  • Difficulty:   Low
  • Maximum incline:  300m
  • Departure point:  Calle Río, area of the “HOYA” – Camino de la Cuesta (Hill Path)
  • Season:  Any
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 IV - Marbella.  Scale 1:25.000
  • Recommendations:  Water, camera and appropriate footwear.


Inicio ruta Camino de la Cuesta en calle RíoWe depart from the HOYA (30S-0325591 / UTM-4050485) at the end of Calle Río which within a few metres turns into a rural path called “Camino de la Cuesta” (Hill Path).  We pay no attention to the many small crossroads we encounter, as the area is full of small fields and labourers houses, we continue along the main path, which will continue descending.  (Right at the beginning of this route we will see down at the bottom the tail-end of the Reservoir, which will take us 20-30 minutes to get to).

Bosque mediterraneo junto al Pantano en la ruta Istán - Camino de la Cuesta - La ErmitaSome 800 metres from the start of the route, where the track begins to zigzag in a pronounced descent, we will find on a right-hand bend a small platform to the left called “EL DESCANSAERO” (30S-0325056 / UTM-4050143), used in years gone by for a rest stop and we will use it now to take a pretty snapshot of the Río Verde valley.  A little further down we arrive at the Reservoir which, depending on the level of the water, we will border either down along the left bank or a little before reaching the bottom there is a small path on the left-hand side (30S-0325005 / UTM-4050070) which crosses a ravine, to the right we can link with the Istán-Cañada de los Laureles route.

Following along the left side after crossing the ravine and climbing up a stone we continue along this path which as we will see takes advantage of an old irrigation ditch, along which we will reach a track which goes up the side of the reservoir,  a track ordered by Renfe (Trains Authority)for the extraction of wood. During this ascent we can enjoy the views of what was the Río Verde valley, today occupied by the Reservoir.

Arroyo junto al sendero del Camino de la Cuesta - La ErmitaAfter little more than a kilometre of ascent we arrive at a main track (30S-0325151 / UTM-4049298) which if we follow it upwards would take us to the Istán-Marbella road (30S-0325674 / UTM-4049163).  Just as we reach this road we will see the Ermita de San Miguel up and to the left, patron saint of the town of Istán.  We will cross the surrounding recreation area and continue up to the Ermita, where we will find a track and we will head right, but not before going to the left of this track to an esplanade where it ends, and at the viewpoint (30S-0325616 / UTM-4049261) to the left we continue up and will then be able to enjoy some of the very best views of the reservoir.

Then we continue along the path we mentioned before and after a few metres it leads into another path (30S-0325801 / UTM-4049360) upon which we will turn left and after approximately one kilometre we will arrive at the Hotel Altos de Istán and therefore at Istán.