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FootPath 6 P.R.-A 140 Istán - Marbella

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

FootPath 6 P.R.-A 140 Istán - Marbella

  • mapa_senderosLength:  9000 m.
  • Route:  linear
  • Approximate duration:  3 hours one way
  • Difficulty:   Medium
  • Maximum incline:  150m
  • Departure point:  Hotel Altos de Istán
  • Season:  The whole year round
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 IV - Marbella.  Scale 1:25.000
  • Recommendations:  Water, camera and appropriate footwear.


We depart from the Hotel Altos de Istán.  Right behind it we will see a fenced water deposit (30S-0326229 / UTM-4049892), we will take the right-hand path.  We walk along this path for some 1.200 metres and we come to the first intersection to the right, which we do not take.  We continue on the trail, to the left, which in some 500 metres will take us to the Istán-Marbella road (30S-0325875 / UTM-4049048).  We take a left heading towards Marbella.

We walk some 750 metres and after passing the second bridge, we continue on the road another 15 or 20 metres where we find a path that goes up to the left (30S-0325819 / UTM-4048664) and which after an ascent takes us to a ravine, which we will cross and continue to go up almost parallel to the ravine, a few metres further up the path swings to the right (30S-0325919 / UTM-4048345) and we will be passing along the base of the PEÑON BERMEJO, rocky outcrop of reddish colour and cliff-shaped, which we will see to our left.  A few hundred metres further on we see how a path joins up on the right, and as a reference point we will see a house on the right and the PEÑON BERMEJO on our left.  After a slight ascent, we will see an intersection to our right (30S-0326067 / UTM-40478199 which if we follow it some 100 metres will take us to the “Atajo” fountain (30S-0326065 / UTM-4047804) and which we can take this opportunity to visit.

After this intersection the path takes us to a track which we will continue along, without paying attention to the crossroads.  On this track we will see a small wood house to our left, we continue on and when the main track curves down to the right (30S-0326096 / UTM-4047523), we will take another that comes out on our left, and the end of this track will once again leave us on the path we were on previously.

After passing under a fallen carob tree, we arrive at another ravine MOCHALBAN, we continue on and see a descent coming up.  On we go and we cross the CURA ravine.  Once we have crossed it we see to our right the CERROS DEL LAGO urbanisation with the reservoir in the background, we walk up to the next pass and after descending from it, the path takes us to the track leading to the quarry (30S-0326229 / utm-4046373).  The descent to the track will be more comfortable if at the end of this path we take a turn to the right.  We take the track to the left, heading upwards, and after some 800 metres there is an intersection at which we take a right, but not before walking on the other track no more than 100 metres which takes us to the old quarry from which stone was mined for the construction of the Río Verde Reservoir.

Here we can admire the pretty views offered by this abandoned quarry.  We re-tread our steps and take the track mentioned before, the right-hand one, we descend some 100 metres and take the track to the left, if we continue along this track and at the next series of intersections always take a left and stick to the foothills of the SIERRA BLANCA, after 2.500 or 3.000 metres we will arrive at an asphalted track (30S-0328031 / UTM-4044521) along which we continue to the right and at the next intersection also to the right and we can now see the Albergue de Nagüeles (30S-0327820 / UTM-4043888) the final objective of this route.  The return will be along this same path or we have the option of returning by car.