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Footpath 7 P.R.-A 141 Istán - Cañada de los Laureles

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Footpath 7 P.R.-A 141 Istán - Cañada de los Laureles

  • mapa_senderosLength:  1400m.
  • Route:  linear
  • Approximate duration:  1 hour one way
  • Difficulty:   Slight
  • Maximum incline:  200m
  • Departure point:  TAJO BANDERAS
  • Season:  Spring, Autumn, Summer.  Winter depending on the water level of the river.
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 IV - Marbella.  Scale 1:25.000
  • Recommendations:  Camera, appropriate footwear and small towel.


Vista de río Verde desde Las ErrizasWe depart from the area known as the TAJO BANDERAS (30S-0325584 / UTM-4050556), where we see a children’s playground to our left.  We follow the cement track which after a slight descent continues upwards until the top of LAS ERRIZAS, from where we will see one of the most complete views of the Río Verde Reservoir, with the SIERRA BLANCA, dominated b y the CONCHA peak (1.215 metres) and the town of Istán to our left.  Before crowning this hill, we will find some 100 metres beforehand a path which goes off to the right (30S-0325193 / UTM-4050465).  As a reference point, the path on its way down passes by the side of a big high tension electrical pylon which we leave to our left.  From here and in plain sight we can see in front and below (290º North) the CAÑADA DE LOS LAURELES.  With binoculars we can see at around 30 metres height, the remains of the “miera” furnace, objective of this route.

Cola del embalse de río VerdeDescending a little more, with a balcony view we can see the last meanderings of the Río Verde before it flows into the Reservoir.  A little further down,  at the entrance of a small pine forest, we see an intersection (30S-0324721 / UTM-4050411); we will take a left and after walking some 200 metres we will arrive at an old irrigation channel which we will follow to the right and which will take us to the ideal spot for crossing the Río Verde (30S-0324638 / UTM-4050441), this channel if we continue along it to the left borders the tail-end of the reservoir and after 300 or 400 metres we can link up with the Istán-Camino de la Cuesta- Ermita route.  Paying a lot of attention as some sections of the path will be difficult.

Río Verde a su paso por la Cañada de LaurelesOnce in the river, we cross taking all necessary precautions, we will remove our shoes or not depending on the time of year.  Now on the other side, we look for the mouth of the ravine and climb up it some 100 metres until we reach the ruins of the old “miera” furnace (30S-0324409 / UTM-4050485).  The return will be along the same path or via the Istán-Camino de la Cuesta- Ermita route.