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Footpath 9 P.R.-A 167 Istán - Ojén

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Footpath 9 P.R.-A 167 Istán - Ojén

  • mapa_senderosLength:  10,500m.
  • Route:  Linear
  • Approximate duration:  4 hours 30 minutes one way
  • Difficulty:   Medium high
  • Maximum incline:  650m
  • Departure point:  Hotel Altos de Istán
  • Season:  Spring, autumn and winter
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 II - Istán.  Scale 1:25.000
  • Recommendations:  Camera and water


We depart from the Hotel Altos de Istán; right at its back and at the foot of the Sierra Blanca we take our first reference point (30S-0326229 / UTM-4049892).  To the left and always looking towards the Sierra we find a track which ascends towards a small quarry, we take it and arrive at a small esplanade from which we will be able to see unbeatable views of Istán.

Cañada de Juan InglésWe continue along our route by following a small path which takes us to a containment wall of water and stones.  Once there, we will begin our ascent following the ravine known by the natives as CAÑADA DE JUAN INGLÉS (the Ravine of English John).

Some 1000 metres from the point of departure we find, to our left, a stream (30S-0327137 / UTM-4049612).  We will not follow it; our path is to follow the ravine.  We will do the same some few metres further up where another stream will appear but this time to the right.

On our ascent we can find the indigenous vegetation of the Sierra Blanca; brambles, oleander and the fragrant thyme plant.

Cañada de Juan InglésSome 3.000 metres from the point of departure we will find to our right a stone gully (30S-0329074 / UTM-4049556) which we will leave.  300 metres further up our path changes (30S-0329320 / UTM-4049657).  We take the path to the right and border a large rock on the left.  Here the toughest stretch of the Istán-Ojén route begins.  Once we have ascended we find to our left a large esplanade known as LOS ARENALES (30S-0329880 / UTM-4049825).  We continue our ascent until we reach the mountain pass, where two solitary pines await us (30S-030095 / UTM-4049659).  From this pass we can make out Juanar, with its pine grove and its south-facing Cross.

From here our route starts to descend; we go down a loose stone path which ends in a pine grove.  After walking some 100 metres we will find a crossroads (30S-0330645 / UTM-4049358), our path is straight on, but take note that the left one would take us first to Cruz de Juanar and then on to the Concha peak, where we could connect with the Istán-La Concha path (P.R.-A-135) (30S-0328090 / UTM-4047571).

Pico de JuanarContinuing our path an olive grove will receive us and which will take the place of the pine grove.  Some metres further on we find the old Juanar shelter today converted into a Centre for Cynegetic Recovery and Research.

Leaving the shelter behind we arrive at a track which, on the right, takes us to the Juanar viewpoint.  When we get to the track we turn to the left and go down approximately 1000 metres and a few metres before a sharp left bend, the path opens up to the right towards Ojén (30S-0331603 / UTM-4049649).  The path enters another pine grove and begins to wind as it descends.

Cabras montesasAround 1000 metres into this descent we find a crossroads (30S-0332403 / UTM-4049335) which we take to the left and continue descending to find a tunnel some 1000 metres further down which we cross to bridge the road.  Once across we see the Cerezal house (30S-0333410 / UTM-4049292) which we leave to our left and continue to descend now on a road suitable for vehicles.

A little further down, after crossing a fence we take the first crossroad to the right (30S-0333591 / UTM-4048919), we follow this track practically until the end where we will find on a very sharp left bend a path opens out to the right (30S-0333658 / UTM-4048554) which, a bit further down and after crossing an irrigation channel and following along to the left, takes us into the town centre of Ojén, the objective of this route (30S-0333848 / UTM-4048509).