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Route 3 Istán - Puerto de la Trocha

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Route 3 Istán - Puerto de la Trocha

  • mapa_bicisLength:  16 kilometres
  • Route:  linear
  • Approximate duration:  2 hours one way
  • Difficulty:  High
  • Maximum incline:  165m
  • Departure point:  Plaza de Istán (Istán Square)
  • Season:  Spring, autumn and winter
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 II – Istán.  Page 1065 IV - Marbella.  Scale 1:25.000

We leave from the Plaza de Istán and we go up the “CALVARIO” hill, heading towards the sports centre, which we will leave to our right.  We carry on and, shortly before the Hotel Altos de Istñan, we take a left and approximately one kilometre from our departure we will arrive at the “NACIMIENTO” (source) of the Río MOLINOS (30S-0326457 / UTM-4050017), where we will replenish our water if we didn’t do so in the town.  From here we will always continue along the main lane, without paying any attention to the multitude of secondary lanes we will pass.  At 4.400 metres from the point of departure we will find the first crossroads (30S-0326647 / UTM-4051486) to bear in mind, ours is the one on the left, which descends.

Some 800 metres from this crossroads we will find a track that joins ours to the left, it is the GALLEGA track and we are in the PUERTO DE LOS BARRANCONES (30S-0326655 / UTM-4051999).  We continue descending until we almost reach the river and at 6.500 metres from the start of the route we cross the BORNOQUE stream (30S-0326844 / UTM-4052627) and just as we cross we will see a track to the right which goes up, it is the PALOMERA track and we will not be taking it.

We carry straight on and some 50 metres further on we will have to cross the Río Verde (30S-0326843 / UTM-4052634) always taking all due precautions due to the flow of water, opting to turn back or take an alternative route in the event of the most minimum danger in crossing this river.  Once the river has been crossed we take a left and now the track will become rougher.  From here and after 10 kilometres of small ascents, we will arrive at the PUERTO DE LA TROCHA (30S-0324195 / UTM-4049864), during these 10 kilometres we may enjoy the views of the Río Verde, Istán and the mountain mass of the SIERRA BLANCA, always on our left.

We will distinguish the mountain pass by the enormous high tension electrical pylon which is located practically on top of the pass.  From here the views are exceptional, both of the village and the SIERRA BLANCA as well as of the reservoir.  The return will be along the same route, although when we arrive at the PUERTO DE LOS BARRANCONES we can link with the Istán-Puerto de los Barrancones-Istán route with which we will shorten our return to the village by a few kilometres.