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Route 6 Istán - Puerto Barrancones

Ayuntamiento de Istán
Ayuntamiento de Istán  •  • 952 869 603

Ayuntamiento de Istán

Route 6 Istán - Puerto Barrancones

  • mapa_bicisLength:  9.000 metres
  • Route:  circular
  • Approximate duration:  1 hour 30 minutes
  • Difficulty:  Low
  • Maximum incline:  135m
  • Departure point:  Plaza de Istán (Istán Square)
  • Season:  Any
  • Cartography:  National Topographical Map of Spain.  Page 1065 II – Istán.  Page 1065 IV - Marbella.  Scale 1:25.000

We leave from the Plaza de Istán and we go up the “CALVARIO” hill, heading towards the sports centre, which we will leave to our right.  We carry on and, shortly before the Hotel Altos de Istán, we take a left and approximately one kilometre from our departure we will arrive at the “NACIMIENTO” (source) of the Río MOLINOS (30S-0326457 / UTM-4050017), where we will replenish our water if we didn’t do so in the town.  From here we will always continue along the main lane, without paying any attention to the multitude of secondary lanes we will pass until at a distance of some 4.200 metres from the point of departure we will find the first important crossroads (30S-0326647 / UTM-4051486).

To the right the trail will take us to Monda; we take the left and descend for some metres until we reach a trail some 5.000 metres from the start of the route which goes up to the left and joins up with ours, this is the PUERTO DE LOS BARRANCONES (30S-0326655 / UTM-4051999).  We must follow this trail that joins up from the left and which will make us change direction, before we were heading north and now we will be heading south and downwards.

Around 6.300 metres from the point of departure we will arrive at the lowest point of this route, ARROYO LUIS (Luis Stream) or the GALLEGA (200 metres above sea level).  From this point we begin to progressively ascend and in a short time we will be able to see the village of Istán and a little further on we will reach a pedestrian cement bridge over the MOLINOS river (30S-0326109 / UTM-4050392).  At this point we are now very close to the village which we will enter, if we continue ahead, by the well-known CHA entrance and from here to the Plaza where we will have completed the route.